Can I purchase an adapter for normal PBX systems to include VoIP functionality?

Yes, this is a custom solution but we can supply you will a VoIP gateway which will convert your PBX to a broadband phone system. Please contact sales for a quotation.

How much bandwidth does a VoIP phone use?

VoIP Lines use codec, a compression technique, which means the calls are very small in comparison with a traditional telephone call. We currently use the codec G.729 that uses approximately 20kbs per call (64kbs for a traditional call) and provides good voice quality. There are lower bandwidth codes available for use on our service however this will impact on call quality.

Will all Broadband phones be useable in HOT SPOTS?

No, only wireless broadband phones that are wi-fi compatible e.g. ZyXEL P2000.

If I have Wireless DSL at each of my offices can I move my SIP phones between offices?

Yes, provided the broadband phones IP addresses are configured to operate at all sites.

If I move premises can I still use the Attaboyy Solutions VoIP Service?

Provided the new premises are equipped with dedicated Internet connection, the service can still be used globally. If you move premises, please inform us of your change of address.

Do I need a switch or hub?

You need it if the IP phone is connected to the LAN.

What are the minimum requirements for the Attaboyy Solutions VoIP Service?

Attaboyy Solutions VoIP Service requires a functional and reliable broadband Internet connection. IP Phones or ATA require a spare Ethernet connection and wireless IP phones require a home or business wireless network. For Attaboyy Solutions Control access, you will require Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 or later; or Netscape.

What cabling is required?

Most IP phones and ATA use a standard Ethernet connection, which is the same as a LAN connection on a PC. The IP phone will be plugged into your local computer network exactly the same as a normal computer. The exception to this is the wireless IP phone, which doesn’t use any cables but uses the wireless hub instead.

Will the VOIP service work over a wireless network?

Yes, as long as the wireless broadband connection is reliable and has enough available bandwidth to serve the number of VoIP Lines you intend to use.

If a wi-fi phone is used in a HOT SPOT, how will the calls be billed?

Calls will be billed in the normal manner. Essentially you are using Internet bandwidth at the hotspot so the phone will be billed from any location. You will also have to pay the hotspot computer for the Internet usage, the same as you would with a laptop.

Can I use my cordless home phone with any ATA device?

Yes, our service allows you to do that.

Which codecs voice compressions do you support on the VoIP Service?

We support the following list of voice codecs:

g711alaw G.711 A Law 64000 bps
g711ulaw G.711 u Law 64000 bps
g723ar53 G.723.1 ANNEX-A 5300 bps
g723ar63 G.723.1 ANNEX-A 6300 bps
g723r53 G.723.1 5300 bps
g723r63 G.723.1 6300 bps
g726r16 G.726 16000 bps
g726r24 G.726 24000 bps
g726r32 G.726 32000 bps
g729br8 G.729 ANNEX-B 8000 bps
g729r8 G.729 8000 bps
gsmfr GSMFR 13200 bps

How can I send faxes using the ATA?

Yes, our service allows you to send and receive faxes.

Is extension dialing available on the Attaboyy Solutions VoIP Service?

You can use the extension number to dial other Attaboyy Solutions VoIP lines free of charge.

Can Attaboyy Solutions guarantee call quality?

The quality of service can only be controlled where the customer has an un-contended broadband connection and has a router with quality of service. Most ADSL connections do not have this currently so the quality of the call cannot be guaranteed.

If I already have a 2-port SIP adapter (e.g.: Cisco ATA) can I use your service?

Yes, in effect you can register for 2 VoIP Lines because you have a 2-line adapter – i.e.: 1 phone account for each line. If you are a new customer, register for a single account on the web site or from the cd-rom. Once you have your first account set up, you will have access to our Attaboyy Solutions Control panel (username and password is e-mailed to you). From this, you can set-up additional broadband phone accounts for the second line on your Cisco ATA. You should then configure your Cisco to use both SIP usernames and passwords supplied by us.